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More customers are attracted to a sparkling clean store.

Create a positive impression on your customers when they come visit your shop. Let them see the exceptional results, instead of the cleaners hard at work. Every morning when you open for business, your premises will appear professional, spotless and hygienically clean to your daily shoppers as well as your employees. That’s something Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services can help you with.

At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we hold ourselves to the strictest standards so we can guarantee you the highest-quality results. Many of Australia’s leading retailers are enjoying the Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services difference.


There’s a lot more to tidying up a retail business than dusting the shelves and mopping the floor. Each shop or outlet brings its own challenges. For instance, bookstore sanitation is different from disinfecting a supermarket, a hairdressing salon, or a butcher’s shop. That’s why we prepare customisable cleaning services for Australia retail businesses to keep up with our clients’ demands for tailor-fit sanitation plans.

The Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services team is trained in the most efficient methods to clean any kind of retail or commercial business, from the smallest coffee stand to the largest warehouse. Our cleaners are experienced in keeping food preparation areas safe and hygienically clean, along with sinks and wet areas. As one of the leading retail and office cleaning companies in Sydney, our sanitation programs are created to clean and disinfect your business and make the best possible impression on customers when the doors open each morning.


Retail cleaners encounter many hazards every day, from high shelves to wet floors, from toxic chemicals to heavy equipment. Each member of the staff is trained in Work Health and Safety. Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services has very strict policies and procedures on how each cleaning task is to be carried out. We only use eco-friendly products to reduce damage to the environment and eliminate risks to our cleaners, our clients and their customers.

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